How to bathe with your period

How to swim with your period ?

At the beach or pool, with friends or with school, going swimming can be a source of anxiety when you have your period. Between preconceived ideas and the fear that everyone will notice that you have your period, there can be many obstacles. How swimming with your period ? Mission Santé helps you take the plunge !

Can you swim with your period? ?

Before we get into how to bathe, let’s start by clearing up two misconceptions:

1/ Yes, you can enjoy the pool during your period

Moreover, bathing during your period is even particularly effective in reducing your menstrual bleeding premenstrual symptoms like cramps and irritability (but that’s mostly because swimming is good for your morale) !). The muscles relax and so do you !

With the right protection, you can enjoy swimming and rest assured that your body is well built and tampons won’t absorb all the water in the pool.

2/ No, water does not stop bleeding !

Unfortunately, if the pressure of water can slow down your bleeding and thus prevent it from coming out, it does not stop your period. Moreover, as soon as the get out of the water you find your period usual menstrual flow, so make sure you have a good sanitary protection.

Tips for enjoying water during your period

You are reassured and ready to jump in the water. Yes, but how to avoid leaks ?

Sanitary tampons

It is the most well-known protection for swimming, but not all girls are ready to test it. If this is your case, don’t worry, there are other solutions further on !

  • Advantage of the tampon If it is well inserted in your vagina, it is a very reliable protection.
  • Disadvantage How : the string of the tampon can come out of your bathing suit. It’s not very pleasant, but it happens to everyone, it’s not taboo ! Hide your string between your lips to avoid it or keep your towel close by !

Prefer organic disposable tampons which are free of chemicals and more ecological.

However, if you choose to use a tampon, here are a few rules to follow to avoid the risk of getting your period toxic shock syndrome (rather rare, but serious):

  • Change your sanitary tampon as soon as you get out of the water.
  • Respect the maximum use time and change it every 4 to 6 hours.
  • Wash your hands well before inserting it and after removing it.

The menstrual cup (CUP)

Just like tampons, UPC can be difficult to put on the first few times. Practice at home to avoid leaks in the sea or in the pool.

Advantage How: Made of environmentally friendly materials, there’s no risk of infection or allergy with a UPC, provided it’s cleaned properly of course !

Disadvantage It is sometimes difficult to find the good size and the investment can quickly climb !

Again, to avoid toxic shock syndrome:

  • Empty your UPC as soon as your swim is over.
  • Respect the same deadlines as for period tampons, empty it every 4 to 6 hours.
  • Wash your hands before and after its installation.

The menstrual bathing suit

If you don’t want to use either tampons or menstrual cups, there is a third alternative !

The menstrual swimsuit will allow you to enjoy the sea or the pool in complete serenity during your period ! The absorbent part is specially designed not to stick to the skin swelling on contact with water, while you protecting from leaks. Neither seen nor known..

The only small drawback is that these swimsuits rules are not suitable for a heavy flow. They are perfect at the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle, but if you bleed a lot, it is better to have an additional solution such as UPC or tampon !

Additional tips

There is a method to control your menstrual flow called free instinctive flow. The technique consists in learning to control your perineum to avoid leakage on your legs. By contracting your vagina, blood is directed to the fornixes, which are cavities on either side of the cervix. The method takes a little practice, but if you master it, it is very effective !

Finally Now that you know how to swim with your period, all you have to do is enjoy a good swim. And, if you are still apprehensive, opt for a black swimsuit !

How to choose your menstrual swimsuit ?

The menstrual swimsuit is a practical and aesthetic protection that you can use during your period to swim in any season. It is not because it is a menstrual protection that you will make a random choice to be able to swim in summer. You have the possibility to choose a bathing suit that will perfectly fit your morphology and in which you will be perfectly comfortable.

When choosing your menstrual swimsuit, you must take into account several criteria:

Your body type The country of manufacture: you must take into account your morphology (A, H, O, X) to choose the swimsuit that will best suit you.

Your size Whether you are a size S, M, L, XL, XXL, you will have no trouble finding a menstrual swimsuit to your liking.

The details : sheathing effect, reversible swimsuit, removable, adjustable straps…

Comfort To evaluate the comfort of your swimsuit, you will have to check it out’try. If you want to buy it online, read the comments left by those who had to try it.

The country of manufacture If you want swimsuits that are manufactured in compliance with the standards and conditions of workers, opt for the made in France which is of course more expensive. You may still find quality swimsuits from other countries.

The color, patterns and design These are relative criteria that vary according to each woman’s taste.