How to keep your breasts beautiful after breastfeeding

How to keep your breasts looking good after weaning breastfeeding ?

During pregnancy, the’The influence of hormones makes the breasts swell. The production of breast milk intended for the mother’Breastfeeding puts a lot of strain on the breasts, especially after breastfeeding’The three factors that will help you to maintain your breasts are sport, posture and massage before pregnancy, while after birth, when your milk is coming in. For breastfeeding moms, it is often noted that the breasts tend to decrease and become smaller’sagging. How taking care of your breasts after breastfeeding’breastfeeding ?

L’Is breastfeeding bad for a breast ?

After pregnancy, whether you are breastfeeding or not, your breasts may change. Hormones will make your breasts swell, as will the milk flow after breastfeeding’delivery. Many breastfeeding women find that their breasts become flatter when their baby is weaned.

This’The reason for this is that the connective tissues are put to the test. Above all, one factor is decisive: genetics. You will not’You therefore have no power over it.

Some mothers find their breasts of’before pregnancy, while after childbirth, when the baby is born’other lose volume and tone.

D’From a medical point of view, the transformation of the breast after breastfeeding is explained by the’evolution of the mammary glands. These last s’atrophy. The amount of skin becomes too large and the fat reserves are too small’It is not necessary to wear out.

As a result, the breasts lose their firmness, shrink and become less firm’sagging.

To remedy the consequences of pregnancy and childbirth, it is necessary to have a good breast’In order to avoid the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is necessary to practice exercises similar to those that are done in the past’we advise to have beautiful breasts after 40 years. The three factors that will help you maintain your breasts are sports, posture and massages.

Is breastfeeding bad for your breasts?

How to tone up your breasts after breastfeeding’breastfeeding ?

It is no longer hidden that’breastfeeding has s impact on the breasts’from an aesthetic point of view. Midwives can answer your questions during the breastfeeding period’breastfeeding and postpartum. Generally, we advise you to practice adapted physical exercises, to work on your posture and to massage your breasts regularly.

Doing sports

Breasts are not’have no muscles. However, it is possible to work with the’It is also possible to work on other muscles and skin tissues to gain firmness and prevent the breasts from sagging’sagging. To tone your breasts after pregnancy, simple exercises can help:

  • Place your hands in front of you as if you were praying, with your elbows facing the front’Apply pressure for 15 seconds on the outside of your breasts. Repeat this pressure about ten times.
  • In a standing position, cross your hands in front of your body, elbows towards the ground’outdoor. Pull your hands together for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise’exercise ten times.

D’other targeted fitness exercises can help you lift your chest. However, you will need to be patient and consistent in your practice’However, you will need to be patient and regular in your practice.

Keep a good posture

The posture is essential for to have firm breasts. We advise you to strengthen your back if necessary and to find an anchor that will help you think about raising your head and relaxing your shoulders. Imagine that’a wire comes out of your head and’it is linked to the ceiling.

In addition, there are posture correctors to help you stand up straight.

Massage your chest

Once or twice a day, massage your breasts with firming oils like the’Borage oil, the’oil from’Argan, the’Rose Hip Oil and the’oil’Evening primrose. Some collagen-based tightening serums can also help you improve the elasticity of the skin and the appearance of the skin’They can be used from the beginning of your pregnancy to limit the damage. You will find many tutorials on the subject’online self-massage to learn how to perform the best modeling techniques that will allow you to find a firm, flexible and toned chest.

Massaging your chest

N’remember that to optimize your chances of keeping a beautiful chest after your pregnancy, especially if you are breastfeeding, it is essential to take care of your chest from the beginning of your pregnancy with moisturizing creams that will keep your breasts firm and supple’apply by massaging gently.