Why outsource your health data to a host

Why outsource your health data to a host ?

With l’appearance of new means of communication, companies are confronted with regulations in force which oblige them to secure personal data. Some sectors are more sensitive than others’others. VS’is particularly the case in the field of health. Faced with the astronomical quantities of data to manage, companies’organize. For many of’between them, the solution consists in entrusting the’hosting their health data on external hosts who take care of their management and security.

Concretely, what does it consist of? ? Let’s find out now.

Who is affected by the protection of personal data ?

Companies are concerned by the protection of personal data. They are required to’comply with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the event of non-compliance with the regulations in force, the companies’expose themselves to penalties.

Beyond companies, the GDPR s’extends to all public or private organizations that process personal data.

In the context of the health sector, reference is made to the HDS certification (Health Data Host) which is issued by COFRAC (French Committee for’Accreditation) and which allows a host to’carry out one’s activity.

I’objective of HDS certification is to ensure that health data hosts guarantee the security of health data from’an individual by guaranteeing a high level of security, because health data is by definition considered to be so-called sensitive data.

Why entrust the management of your health data to a host ?

Nowadays, securing health data has become a major challenge for companies in the sector. Indeed, they must ensure the security of their patients’ health data so that personal information is not disclosed or stolen by hackers.

By using a health data host, the’company discharges’a heavy responsibility for the security of personal data. Moreover, she does not necessarily have the skills required to carry out this mission. The main interest of’HDS certification guarantees the’business of’increase the level of health data security. The reasons that may lead her to call on a healthcare provider are as follows:

  • I’health host will s’take care of the maintenance and make available the sites to host the infrastructure that will allow the processing of the information used in the context of the processing of health data.
  • I’health host will s’ensure that the equipment made available in the context of the processing of health data information is operational.
  • I’health host will s’ensure that the information system’s application hosting platform is working properly and has no flaws.
  • I’health host will also ensure that the virtual infrastructure linked to the information system used for processing health data is efficient and in good working order.
  • I’health host will ensure the’administration, management and operation of the information system containing health data.
  • I’health host will back up the health data.

When you are a health structure and’you wish to outsource all or part of your health information system, it is important to’be well accompanied. The use of a host with recognized professional qualities is strongly recommended. Among the renowned hosts, we can cite Adista, which for more than 30 years has been supporting its customers.

In addition to HDS certification, the company meets GDPR standards and has MSS and ISO 27001 certificates so that data is secure and hosted in high-performance data centers.