How to choose your leisure weapon

How to choose the right leisure weapon ?

Beyond a simple fun activity, leisure shooting is an opportunity to learn to hunt, but also to defend oneself. On the market, there are a multitude of leisure weapons. But, they have different characteristics. The right choice will therefore depend on your preferences, facilities for use, costs and many other factors ..

What are the basic criteria ?

Recreation is generally practiced with Airguns. These are compressed air weapons that send lead, steel or rubber projectiles. Depending on the shape, there are pistol -like handguns and long -sized rifle weapons. You can therefore choose depending on whether you prefer a short or long model.

The maneuverability and comfort of the shooter are therefore elements not to be overlooked.

There is also legislation that supervises the use of this firing material. The regulations are notably based on power. The latter goes from 7.5 joules to more than 50 joules.

But only models of less than 20 joules are over -the -counter, and therefore advised for your leisure shooting.

What type of leisure weapon to choose ?

The main criterion that makes the difference is the shooting distance. Leisure, Weapons can reach targets at 10, 20, 30, 50 or even 100 meters. Also, the choice must be based on your skills depending on the fact that you are amateur or professional.

On the market, there are specific leisure weapons. Knowing their characteristics can guide you for a wise choice.

The lead rifle

The lead rifle is used as much for leisure as for the training of experienced shooters. It can be used both in gardens and in shooting clubs. There are three types: compressed air, CO2 and PCP.

The compressed air leaf rifle

The compressed air rifle uses the relaxation of a gas to eject lead. Easy to use, this model is considered to be the most popular and adapted to initiation. It is a monocoup weapon that requires procedure before each shot.

It is a question of lowering your cannon or activating your armament lever, under or on the side of the cannon, to be able to shoot.

The compressed air rifle exists in two calibers: 4.5 and 5.5 millimeters. 4.5 millimeter lead can be shipped up to 30 meters. It is generally used for rifles from 7.5 to 23 joules in short distance leisure.

More efficient, lead of 5.5 millimeters can be powered up to 100 meters. Used for models from 30 to more than 50 joules, it is stable in the air, and adapted to high distance shooting.

On the market, The compressed air rifle sells from 65 euros.

The CO2 rifle

Very easy to use, the CO2 rifle uses carbon dioxide to eject lead. Loading with liquid air cartridges, its propulsion system decreases vibrations. This semi-automatic weapon offers the possibility of bursting in burst.

It allows you to make several shots without needing to rearm it.

The CO2 lead rifle is offered mainly in caliber 4.5 millimeters. It is suitable for precision shooting over short distances up to 20 meters. CO2 cartridges weigh between 12-88 grams.

Those of 12 grams allow to shoot between 40 and 60 strokes in a row. However, precision decreases as the cylinder empties.

The vast majority of CO2 models are less than 20 joules. We find them from 115 euros.

PCP lead rifle

Powerful and practical, the PCP rifle uses pre-compressed air to propel lead. This semi-automatic weapon also gives the possibility of bursting in burst. Its precision also decreases as the cylinder empties.

Once empty, just fill it with a high pressure compressor, a hand pump or a diving bottle.

More complex than other models, the PCP is intended for experienced shooters. It is only available in caliber 5.5 millimeters and offers a good compromise between precision and distance. In addition, it can take different forms: flat, round, perforating ..

It takes 350 euros to equip it.

The lead gun

The lead gun is a leisure handgun. It is in category D, less than 20 joules, and therefore over the counter for adults. It is made with two technologies: manual and automatic.

It incorporates plugs of 4.5 millimeters.

The compressed air gun

He uses the relaxation of a spring or a piston to propel lead. It is a monocoup weapon that must be recharged between each shot. It therefore does not give the possibility of making burst shots.

This model still has a longer cannon, and has better projectile guidance. In addition, the distance from its targets improves the precision of its shots.

Used for leisure shooting, the compressed air gun is over the counter for adults. It is available on the market from 20 euros.

The CO2 pistol

The CO2 pistol is a semi-automatic weapon that uses pins and CO2 cylinders to work. This version allows you to make bursts in burst until the charger is empty. It can be a replica of already existing firearm or a new model.

Smaller, aesthetic and handy, CO2 pistols are suitable for a leisure shooting on bottles or cans. They can pull 10 to 20 leads with a single charger and about 30 strokes with a cylinder. The floor price of this market weapon on the market is 30 to 40 euros.

On the leisure weapons market, there are also airsoft weapons and CO2 lead revolvers. The revolver is loaded with Diabolos pellets or BB balls. Airsoft is used for combat simulations using replicas of firearms.

They operate thanks to different propulsion systems (spring, CO2 or gas) and draw plastic balls 6 mm caliber.

What accessories do you need ?

For more efficiency, you must provide several accessories in the choice of your leisure weapon. These are of different categories and play different roles.

Thus, to improve your precision, equip yourself with a sights, a red dot laser, or a red stitch viewfinder. BiPADE, barrel, charger, buffer that minimizes the feet also optimize the comfort of use. For more security, opt for flame breaks and mouth brakes among others.

Hearing protections and protective glasses are also very important accessories.

If you have children at home, The pontet lock that fixes itself on the trigger is compulsory !

Finally, to transport your leisure weapon, you will certainly need a sheath or a case. But the case is even more discreet than the sheath.

In summary, to meet the needs of sensations, there are a multitude of leisure weapons. These have the basic physical characteristics of lethal weapons. They offer enthusiasts an experience close to those they are looking for.

The choice of your leisure weapon therefore depends on your needs and preferences. Whether you are a novice or regular shooter, the different parameters, characteristics and criteria developed above should allow you to make a wise choice.