Morning exercise, done regularly, is good for everyone

Morning exercises are good for everyone

Every morning the same procedure – the alarm clock rings, but the body is still tired and most people find it rather difficult to get up. The head hangs behind the last shreds of dreams and the limbs are still heavy.

With increasing age the mobility decreases in the morning and the first walk to the bathroom is quite bumpy because of the rusted joints and the stiff back after the night.

Many benefits of morning exercises

With regular morning exercises you can do a lot to give your body more energy in the morning. Although it may seem difficult at first glance, ca. To sacrifice 10 to 15 minutes of its precious time in the early morning, one should try it nevertheless the morning gymnastic into the daily routine with to plan.

With just a few exercises you can prepare your body for the new day in the best possible way.

In addition, early exercise has other advantages in store. The cardiovascular system is stimulated, blood circulation and metabolism are boosted, and the blood is better supplied with oxygen. After just a few minutes the tiredness disappears and the head becomes clear.

Also the joints and the back profit from regular gymnastic exercises in the morning. By long sitting and little sport the musculature atrophies and thus it comes in the age increasingly to back problems and intervertebral disc injuries. The latter can often only be remedied by surgery.

Thereby you can strengthen the muscles and prevent such injuries with specific exercises. And improve mobility in the long term.

Preconditions for morning gymnastics

For a little exercise in the morning, no special requirements are needed. Anyone can do it and it will do everyone good. All you need is the will and a comfortable surface to lie on. Some valuable exercises are done lying on the back.

The mattress in the bed is only conditionally suitable for it. It is almost always too soft for the exercises, so that one easily rolls to the side when the legs are raised.

A gym mat is best suited. Who has in the cellar however still an Isomatte of past camping vacations, is with it also in the best way served. Before doing each exercise, you should open the window. This provides additional freshness and more oxygen.

Stretching exercises

At the beginning of the morning gymnastics should do stretching exercises. To do this, lie on your back on the gym mat and stretch first of all. Then the legs are bent while the arms lie at the sides of the body. Now stretch the pelvis upwards and shift the body weight to the shoulders.

The back muscles are strengthened and the spine is stretched. Remain in this position for a few seconds before lowering the pelvis again. This movement should be done ca. repeat five to ten times.

The next exercise is to lie on your back with your legs bent. Then lift the feet very slightly off the ground, tilt the bent legs alternately to the right side, hold the position for one to two seconds, and then tilt the legs to the other side, where they are also held for one to two seconds.

This exercise is repeated about 10 times. Do not forget to breathe calmly and evenly. This exercise strengthens both the back muscles and the lateral trunk muscles.

A wonderful stretching exercise comes from yoga. The so-called “morning greeting” is suitable, as the name already says, for a good start into the day. You can do this exercise with the help of numerous videos on Youtube.

If stretching alone is not enough to get your circulation going, you can get your body going with a few simple movements. The well-tried “jumping jack” will be familiar to everyone from school sports.

10 times jumping like the jumping jack and the heart beats immediately a little faster. Squats or stretching jumps also awaken tired spirits and stimulate the organism.

It pays to stick with it

Once the ritual of morning exercises has been established, you will be rewarded for your efforts after a short time. You will start the day with more energy, improve your posture and gain more mobility in the long run.