Metabolic Balance – redefining the body for better health

Metabolic Balance for better health

If a person really wants to feel healthy and be in balance with himself (z.B. by Metabolic Balance), this feeling affects several areas. So a feeling of strength, of drive is just as important as a feeling of being balanced and optimistic.

Body, mind and soul form a unity, and only when all parts are equally taken care of, a feeling of well-being is achieved.

Very helpful are proven methods like massages. The massages are treatments that not only loosen the muscles, but also provide deep relaxation. Only those who regularly allow themselves a time-out“ can draw strength for the tasks of everyday life.

What elements are needed to obtain an overall feeling of health, wellness?
  • A good balance of work and leisure (work-life balance),
  • Physical fitness, endurance and strength,
  • a good body feeling and lightness,
  • – and satisfying social contacts.

Depending on where deficiencies exist, different therapies are naturally applied. Whoever feels that his body – and thus he himself – has become sluggish and inflexible, could turn to the Metabolic Balance.

This involves changing the diet and following a program that leads to a balanced metabolism. The metabolism is revitalized so that waste products and other things that make you sluggish can be eliminated.

What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic Balance is a goal that always addresses not only the diet but also the whole lifestyle.

Old, perhaps harmful habits can finally be abandoned, the body is redefined, so to speak. Metabolic-Balance is one of the methods that help to start again at any age.

Those who eat according to such a system also gain a different approach to food as such. The division into protein foods, each of which is combined with a carbohydrate food in this diet, leads to an increased awareness of what one is eating.