Build muscle and lose fat with the right diet

Build muscle and lose fat with the right diet

Most diets are abandoned before reaching the desired goal. But what is the reason? One of the main reasons is lack of discipline and unrealistic ideas. Those who really want to lose weight and get rid of their excess pounds should set themselves realistic goals.

The fat deposits that have been accumulated over the last five years will not disappear within a few weeks. The path to the dream figure is not a sprint, but a marathon and requires a high level of discipline over several months.

Many ways to lose fat

The basic principle for getting rid of the unloved fat pads is very simple. More calories must be consumed than are taken in through food. The human body needs a lot of energy even when it is at rest (the so-called. Basal metabolic rate) energy to maintain, for example, breathing and all other life-sustaining functions.

In addition, we expend energy exercising, climbing stairs, walking, etc..

If the daily calorie intake is less than the basal metabolic rate plus the additional z.B. calories consumed through sports or weight training, the body is in a so-called energy deficit and you lose weight in the long term.

Thereby correspond ca. 7000 kcal to one kilogram of body fat. So if you manage to achieve a calorie deficit of 250 kcal every day, that’s a good kilogram of fatty tissue off your hips within a month.

However, the expectations of those who want to lose weight are often much higher. In relevant forums and Facebook groups, rather than 1-2 kg per month, 1-2 kg per week are demanded. If you only look at the weight on the scales, you can definitely do this. However, the body loses during a diet just not only pure body fat, but z.B. also water and muscles.

Lose a lot of fat and little muscle!

Since muscle is responsible for both beautiful body definition and increased basal metabolic rate, you should lose as much fat as possible and as little muscle as possible during the weight loss process.

The more muscles the body has, the more calories and fat it burns – even when resting. Here, sport and v.a. Fitness training plays a decisive role. The more muscle mass you specifically build up through training, the higher our basal metabolic rate will be.

And honestly, a well-trained body with muscles in the right places looks much better than a slim body that is not modeled at all.

Therefore, every diet should be supplemented by sports or. strength training should be supplemented.

What effects does strength training have in a diet?

It is undisputed that strength training has extremely positive effects on weight loss and the reduction of fat deposits. American researchers have tried in an experiment to find out the optimal strategy for weight loss and reduction of fat deposits.

Test persons were divided into four different groups over a period of 12 weeks and applied different methods.

  • Group 1: diet, no complementary sports program
  • Group 2: Diet, endurance training three times a week
  • Group 3: Diet, strength and cardio training three times a week
  • Group 4: no diet, no complementary sports program (control group)

The quite interesting result of the experiment was that all three groups (1, 2 & 3) who had reduced calories, lost about the same amount of body weight (approx. 9 – 10 kg) have lost. However, upon closer examination of the results, there were significant differences in the percentage composition of body weight lost.

  • Group 1: ca. 70% fat & ca. 30% Muscles
  • Group 2: ca. 80% fat & ca. 20 % muscles
  • Group 3: about 97% fat & ca. 3% Muscles
  • Group 4: unchanged

This result clearly confirms that, in addition to proper nutrition, strength training should be the focus of any diet or. Weight loss should stand.

Now if you are not an absolute pro when it comes to nutrition and fitness/strength training, you should get a professional on board to help you with your plan. This can be either the trainer in your fitness studio or an online fitness course.

On digi-tester.Here you will find a selection of highly effective online fitness courses, which include detailed training plans as well as nutrition plans, so that you can start immediately without having to spend weeks on training and nutrition theories.

Make sure you are not one of the over 80% of people who abandon their attempt to finally get their dream body. Use the knowledge of professionals, set realistic goals and stay on the ball. Much success!