The 7 meals to eat in the United States

The 7 meals to eat in the United States

American cuisine has always attracted many visitors whether you are a foodie or not. This review presents the Top 7 best meals to eat in the USA.

The best dishes to discover in the United States

Here is a selection of best american dishes that will excite you in the restaurants.

Macaroni and cheese

Mac and cheese is a dish that many Americans have enjoyed during their childhood. It is very popular with children, macaroni is the number one dish of all children in the world. This American specialty is made with butter, Dijon mustard soup, unsweetened condensed milk, milk, flour soup, breadcrumbs, salt coffee and of course macaroni. It should be noted that there are two different versions of Macaroni and Cheese, on the one hand there are the ready-to-use Kraft Mac and Cheese which are generally sold in American grocery stores such as My American Market, and on the other hand there are the “homemade” Mac and Cheese versions.

Don’t miss this macaroni and cheddar gratin if you’re on a trip to Uncle Sam’s country.

Clam chowder

Rich in clams and flavors, this dish is believed to be a French specialty brought by the French settlers of America during the conquest of New England. But the clam chowder has been modified and enriched by other immigrants from all over the continent. The ingredients that go into its preparation are: diced potato, bay leaf, olive oil, diced white onion, and clams in brine or fresh. There is also Sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper, milk, light cream, celery leaves or minced parsley Thyme, minced bacon (or bacon, or ventr├Ęche) depending on taste.

It is mixed with the clam cooking water or bottled clam juice.

Philly Cheese Steak

One of the best american meals is the Philly cheese steak. This dish, which is Philadelphia’s most famous, is a melted cheese sandwich topped with chopped, prepared onions and chopped pieces of steak. Other ingredients that go into the preparation are salt and pepper, green peppers, olive oil for cooking, finely cut beef or beef carpaccio according to taste.

This well-stuffed sandwich bun is different from the usual sandwiches and is a pure delight. You’ll find it in every restaurant in Philadelphia.


Still called meatloaf, American meatloaf is a classic meal in American cuisine. It’s a large bun filled with hot ground meat. Delicious, moist and easy to prepare, it is served hot. It is made with salt coffee, pepper coffee, chopped parsley soup, ketchup soup, milk, oatmeal and eggs.

There is also Worcestershire sauce which is a typical English sauce that is added to give a spicy flavor to the English. The other ingredients that go into its finishing phase are the mustard soup and the ketchup soup.

Chicago Pizza

Pizza lovers will love this Chicago Pizza, a specialty of the splendid American city. The taste and texture of this deep dish pizza attracts many visitors. Prepared in a mould and flanked with rising edges, it is a thick pizza made of a thin dough that is very different from the Italian specialty. It is also topped with thick layers of tomato sauce and cheese. The use of corn flour in its preparation gives it a crispy and slightly flaky appearance.

Also, the use of crushed tomatoes in sauce with basil makes a difference in the texture. It is important to note that this is not a pizza that is eaten the traditional way with the hand, but with a fork and a knife.


If you take a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, you will fall in love with their mythical Gumbo meal. The gumbo is the king in this American city, you will always see it on restaurant menus with several variations (fish and shrimp or chicken and sausage). Called by some “stew”, this typical american meal is a thick soup, accompanied by chicken or sausage with a thickener and an assortment of chilies and vegetables, such as celery and peppers. It is served with rice and sometimes cold beer.

It is a very appetizing recipe with complex tastes and aromas.

Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC

The KFC chicken as it is called in the USA is a myth, because its recipe is a well-kept secret. Made with chicken, it is seasoned with different spices that give it a special flavor. The ingredients that go into its preparation include salt soup, thyme soup (powder), basil soup (powder), oregano soup (powder), celery salt soup. There is also black pepper soup, mustard powder soup, Ribot milk, paprika soup, garlic salt soup, ground ginger soup, white pepper soup, monosodium glutamate soup, canola oil and wheat flour.

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