Holistic energy medicine – synthesis of TCM and homeopathy

Holistic energy medicine

Illness weighs all the more heavily when it seems incurable. When the medical doctor Dr. Hartwig Schuldt (co-author: Holistic Energy Medicine) has been treating various diseases for many years – including cancer – with surprising success.

He uses Bioenergetic Medicine, which combines traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and extensive Western medical knowledge to create a completely new healing method, which is presented in this book.

A convincing document for a new way of healing, which includes the patient and pleads for a different medical view of health, disease and therapy.

Holistic energy medicine – experiences of Barbara Simonsohn

A Reiki seminar participant of mine had pointed me to Dr. Hartwig Schuldt drew attention to this. He told me with shining eyes that this doctor has helped him and many others, and people from all over Germany come to him even with serious diseases like cancer. After our conversation he established the contact.

When Dr. Schuldt came to visit me, I was impressed by his appearance and charisma. Alert gaze, luminous eyes, powerful speech and springy movement. This man, I thought at our first meeting, radiates vitality and joie de vivre.

What I learned only later: Dr. Schuldt was bursting with vitality and practiced in his practice in Hamburg-Ottensen four days a week, often far beyond opening hours, when the stream of patients seeking help would not cease.

He told me that he conducts all-day mountain tours on Lanzarote. This doctor, like the doctors of antiquity – Galen, Hippocrates – lives as an example of what a healthy lifestyle brings.

Dr. Schuldt is for me an example of his kind of energy medicine, which can keep us vital and efficient even in old age.

As Dr. Schuldt, the ancient physicians also showed great dedication: they were there for their patients day and night and spared no effort to help them effectively.

The name for diabetes, “diabetes mellitus,” comes from the fact that the urine of diabetics tastes sweet. The doctors of antiquity tasted the urine of their patients!

They saw the person holistically and demanded that the sick person changed his way of life and diet. This quotation from Hippocrates has been handed down: “Diseases do not attack us out of the blue, but develop from daily small sins against nature.

When these have accumulated, they seem to burst forth all at once.” Or also: “Your remedies should be food and your food should be remedies.”

Also Dr. Schuldt does not spare with nutrition tips for his patients. Democritus said around 450 B.C.: “People ask the gods for health. But they do not think about the fact that it is in their hands to preserve them.

Their intemperance makes them traitors to their own health.” How topical these words unfortunately sound!

Paracelsus emphasized the “inner physician” who can work if we support him. This “inner physician” also comes into play during fasting, as Dr. Otto Buchinger senior. documented with thousands of people who went to his fasting clinic and often left it as if reborn.

In my eyes also Dr. Schuldt gives the “inner doctor” of his patients room to work again by eliminating stresses that make it difficult for the inner healer to activate the self-healing powers to the necessary degree.

The energy medicine method of Dr. Schuldt, unique in the world, involves the patient and is thus very modern.

The doctor does not tell you what you have, what you are lacking or what could help you, but by pressing certain acupuncture points and the perception in the process Dr. Blame the right homeopathic remedies and the patient can understand the correctness of his decision in his own body one to one.

The patient’s maturity is not a nice idea here, but reality experienced day after day.

Anyone who has stepped into the “lab” of Dr. Schuldt gifted, feels a bit out of time: Volcanic stones on the desk, a beautiful picture of the Matterhorn, books up to the ceiling and a construction that Dr. Schuldt designed himself and which spins on the wheel bearing of a wagon wheel.

On it are arranged hundreds of wooden drawers with no less than about 16.000 homeopathic remedies. With a simple hand movement, Dr. Schuldt turns this setup and selects the correct homeopathic remedy, which is then tested on the patient.

The test is done like this: Into a hollow electrode is placed the homeopathic remedy. If it is the right one, one feels nothing when pressing acupuncture points on the hand. If it is not the right one, the patient experiences a slightly painful pressure.

A test device with low current in the ampere range, from the graduate engineer Dr. Schuldt himself evolves, supports the diagnosis and at the same time leads healing impulses to the patient, which are connected with the holding of electrodes.

Dr. Schuldt empathically cares for his patients, placing special emphasis on nutrition, which is often neglected in standard medicine. A friend of mine was operated on for a brain tumor.

Dr. Schuldt had previously treated her and given her advice on a specific diet. He contacted the operating doctor before the operation in order to work towards the gentlest possible method of operation.

Apparently successful, the operating physician was open to his hints. The patient, who was 91 years old at the time, survived the operation excellently and was able to move her arms, hands, legs and feet on the left side again afterwards, which she had not been able to do previously.

She woke up singing (!) from the anesthesia and was fully responsive again afterwards. I was present at this trial and made leaps in the air in the intensive care unit, accompanied by cries of joy.

I wonder what the nurses thought of this process … At any time of the day or night, Dr. Schuldt is approachable to his patients and explains everything to you with patience and expertise.

When the seed for the creation of this book was developing, I naturally wanted to gather my own authentic experience with this method. Although I was not really ill, I could imagine that there might be something in me that needed to be optimized.

“We can’t miss what we don’t know,” is a realization of mine. Radiant health is in my eyes the desire to want to embrace the whole world EVERY MORNING, full of vitality, optimism and empathy.

The vast majority of people are far from this continuous state of consciousness and being. Dr. Schuldt’s ingenious method represents a unique wellness and self-optimization program.

Since we are constantly exposed to negative influences from the environment, for example I had a wasp sting two days ago, it is helpful to continuously adapt our system to the changing environmental influences so that it is not weakened by them and suffers damage.

By Dr. Schuldt’s special method of energy medicine is achieved basic health. However, negative external influences can cause disturbances, which are neutralized by another visit to the doctor.

What did I do with the remedies that Dr. Schuldt has tested for me, for experiences made?

On 1. February 2018 was the initial treatment. What I noticed after only one week of taking the homeopathic remedies: my eyes became large and bright, my left slip almost completely disappeared, and I felt more energy, clarity, creative power and joy of life.

William Shakespeare once called the eyes the “windows of the soul”, and I had and have the feeling that the light of my soul came to shine more with the therapy of this doctor. This is not only a subjective perception.

In June 2018, I wrote a new Reiki book in just nine days and was able to send the manuscript in six weeks before the deadline. Something like this has never happened to me before.

My nose also became narrower and my facial features became clearer and more accentuated. For me it is now a pleasure to look in the mirror, even early in the morning.

Apparently the remedies from Dr. Schuldt led to a cleansing, purification and elimination of all kinds of burdens in me and to an activation of the metabolism.

It’s a great feeling to wake up full of energy and zest for life. I feel more sensitive under this therapy, especially towards beautiful things like nature experiences while jogging.

However, negative things like quarrels and disharmonies are closer to me.

In the beginning, the mixture we tested made insect bites itch more than usual. But that soon disappeared.

I had developed tendinitis in both feet due to jogging too long in barefoot shoes. The painkiller that I took from time to time as a result meant that my eyes no longer shone as brightly as they usually do.

When I stopped taking it, these returned to normal. Apparently I reacted more sensitively to the side effects of the over-the-counter medication under the homeopathic treatment.

For a while I ate licorice lozenges that contained maltitol and sorbitol as sweeteners. The package said: “May have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.”

The result: I got a bloated belly and occasionally diarrhea and foul-smelling flatulence. Apparently the dragées upset my intestinal flora, these symptoms were caused by very little licorice.

Obviously my body reacted very sensitively to it. When I realized this connection, I naturally stopped taking the lozenges, and my belly is now nice and flat again and my bowels are no longer causing me discomfort.

I interpret this process as: through the homeopathic remedies I am brought more in touch with my real needs.

If I now consume an industrial product that my organism does not tolerate, it reacts more violently than before. I do not consider this a negative or disadvantage, on the contrary.

My body reacts like a finely tuned instrument and thus puts me more on the path that is healthy for me. A festering sty could be treated by a remedy of Dr. Schuldt heal without bursting.

Even a wasp sting no longer caused any problems thanks to a specially selected preparation. A herpes blister on my lower lip disappeared within one day.

The amazing thing about the Bioenergetic Medicine of Dr. Schuldt: I feel more sensitive AND more mentally stable and resilient at the same time. That is a great feeling of life.

My eyes are big and bright, even if I didn’t have enough sleep once. I feel even more connected “to the top”.

My creativity and productivity are unstoppable. I trust myself with demanding projects that I would have hesitated with before.

I am more myself, in touch with my talents and potential, and even more “cause for effect”, so can move my little world.

I don’t want to miss this feeling – and the new attitude towards life in general – and I am therefore grateful that Dr. Schuldt’s and my paths have met.

This is a kind of historical document of a great, even magnificent life’s work. Written by a physician who had the courage to break new ground.

What once helped him himself in a serious health crisis, he expanded to let others benefit from it.

Such straightforward people the world needs in my eyes, who go THEIR way for the benefit of others and leave shining traces beyond space and time.

I wish this book wide distribution. Maybe a young doctor or alternative practitioner feels addressed to follow in the footsteps of this great pioneer and continue his valuable work once he has finished his professional career.

Dr. Hartwig Schuldt/Barbara Simonsohn
An ingenious synthesis of TCM and homeopathy
320 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-932130-64-9
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