Aromatherapy – Using natural healing power.

Aromatherapy – Using natural healing power

The healing power of essential substances (aromatherapy) was recognized more than 5000 years ago. While at that time mostly
Herbs were used for the production of aromatic oils, in later years more and more plants were added, which could be used for healing and relief.

Essential oils in aromatherapy

Today’s aromatherapy is really available to everyone and thus opens up a variety of possibilities to deepen and promote interpersonal relationships.

So you can easily practice your attention and affection by giving your baby the most natural and best care and attention and love with a few drops rubbed in your hand, gently stroking the little body.

By giving your grandmother your attention and time with a gentle little hand massage with a fragrant aromatherapy oil.

Or give your partner relaxation and well-being with an aromatic back massage.

Mode of action of essential oils?

The medicinal herbs you have in any aromatic oil make a weightless path to cell membranes and can be detected in the blood after just a few minutes.

Due to this remarkably fast mode of action, essential oils are used in clinics, sanatoriums and nursing homes as well as in private households as a basis for bath additives, massage oils and ointments and in fragrance lamps.

Since these applications and thus their demonstrable effects have been proven over thousands of years even without “science”, aromatherapy offers an easy way to live a natural lifestyle.

The substances proven and isolated by science often do not have the desired effect, because nature provides us perfectly with everything we need. And that is why there are these natural herbal synergies.