The mental spine straightening as an alternative healing method

The mental spine straightening – an alternative healing method

Do you have pain in your back? Have you already tried? One way can be the mental spine erection. This can make it possible to straighten the spine again. The advantage is obvious, because you do not have to touch the person.

It is worked with the mind and so the spine can also be straightened. This upliftment is not only possible for humans, also animals and plants can benefit from it.

The spine is the gateway to our energy and soul

If you look at the spine from another point of view, we quickly come to realize that we do not only have a material level. Our body has different chakras and each vertebra is connected to different organs.

Conflicts can hide in the vertebrae and with the spiritual spine straightening you can solve them. If one solves the conflicts, then the Chi (that is the life energy) can flow freely again. Health problems can be solved, among them the following solutions can be seen:

  • Back problems of all kinds,
  • Scoliosis,
  • Shoulder & arm syndrome,
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders,
  • Headaches,
  • Migraine,
  • Tinnitus,
  • Fears
  • Depression

and many others too. The spiritual spinal uprighting takes place at the spine, but our Chi is to be found in our entire body.

How to perform a spiritual spinal erection?

Straightening belongs to the field of spiritual healing. The process is done individually from person to person, that is, the procedure with the hands may be different from another patient. But one thing remains the same, the laying on of hands. But the first thing to do is to arrange a conversation with the person concerned.

The goal is to find out which mental blockages are present. A conversation with a stranger can already make a difference. After that the actual straightening can take place. Before that, the spiritual healer must prepare himself. This is also individual and mostly this is an inner cleansing of negative thoughts.

After this preparation we can start with the actual straightening up. The healer takes his hands and moves the body, so nothing is manipulated in the body. Success can actually be immediate after treatment. People who have pain can feel an improvement.

Why is an upright spine so important?

In the spine are the most important nerves, these are not only important for the legs. Because also the arms, the head and different organs are connected with them.

They supply us with information down to the smallest corner of our body. If there is a curvature (scoliosis), some of these nerves are pinched and parts of our body are thus restricted.

This can be recognized, for example, by a slipped disc or tinnitus. Our organs are undersupplied and can no longer do their work optimally.

After that our pelvis is affected and the legs are then of different lengths. Here the first symptoms appear, pain in the lower back, in the hip or a lumbago breaks out.

If the body is crooked, our spiritual is crooked as well. In the spine we naturally find our Chi, the main energy chamber. In this part you can also find the 7 chakras, which are the energy centers. From these energy centers our organs are supplied.

If the chakras are not in their place, the organs are not properly supplied with energy. For these said reasons, an upright spine is especially important.

What can trigger blockages and what can be the solution?

There are many different blockades, but all of them are ultimately energy robbers. These can turn our life upside down and take away our joy of life.

If you take a close look at society, you will come to the conclusion that there are more and more people with worries, fears, back pain and other diseases.

The blockages within are obstructing the pathways of the chi. If our own chi is blocked, our inner energy source is not optimal. Psychological blockages change our actions, thinking and feeling negatively and this can cause depression and anxiety.

If you ever get stuck in your life, you should ask yourself if you have any blockages.

These blockages do not have to be fresh, we can have gotten the blockages already from our mother as fetus. The fatal thing is that we do not notice them, because our world is materialistically attuned.

Some people who have mastered this spiritual spinal straightening can feel it in others. People are called particularly sensitive.

Mental spine straightening, are there any side effects??

Every treatment has some consequences, but these are not too negative. But not only the patient can feel something during the execution, but also the healer can feel pain afterwards. This pain does not occur too often, but I would like to address it.

Bruno Gröning called these pains also regulations. This person was unique and has been able to help many people with his abilities. One of his most interesting quotes is the following:

The spirit dominates the matter

But let us look at what the term regulations means. He refers to the positive change in the body. If the treated patient has pain, he should not see it as negative. Because these are a sign of effect and the beginning of healing.

If you want to get well again, you simply have to live through this pain. The pain may occur where the disease is located.

If you have further questions on this topic, please feel free to contact me.