How to take care of my skin after forty years mission health

How to take care of my skin after forty years mission health care is

How to take care of my skin after forty years ?

The time has come to take your beauty routine seriously. The first signs of age begin to appear, and to slow them down and take care of the sensitive skin of your face, you must now choose the specific care suitable for mature skin and learn to use them for optimal results.

Why a special beauty routine mature skin ?

You are looking for a beauty routine for your mature skin ? Cheer ! You have understood the importance of taking care of your epidermis with care especially designed to combat the effects of age. The nature of your skin changes, so it is natural that your beauty routine changes accordingly ! After thirties, the quantity of estrogens falls, which slows down the production of collagen and elastin. Secret skin less sebum and gradually loses its natural hydration. That said, no worries, innovative care products are there to give us a good little boost in the fight against relaxation ! The Dr Pierre Ricaud product range meets your new needs very precisely for results that meet your expectations !

Combine anti-aging care to increase the effects

Mature skin care is designed with peptides, hyaluronic acid or retinol, specific targeted active ingredients to maintain face firmness and fight against the first signs of aging. Far -firmness creams are the nerve of war, but by associating various complementary care, you will multiply the effects of your routine !

The stages of my facial beauty routine

  1. Cleaning

Proceed morning and evening to a cleaning that is both soft, but rigorously complete, of your entire face and neck. You will thus eliminate all impurities (pollution, etc.) and any traces of makeup.

  1. The scrub

Twice a week, proceed to a mild scrub of your face. Use a gentle exfoliant that will gently smooth the texture of your skin.

  1. Hydration

Indispensable step in your routine, hydration is the heart of your facial routine (and what is your age). Hydrating lifting creams for mature skin contain peptides that will stimulate collagen production for a plump and redensified face. In summer, opt for a moisturizer that will combine anti-aging properties and suitable sun protection (anti-UV).

  1. The serum

Certainly it is not essential, but believe us it makes all the difference as a whole of your routine. Choose a serum containing peptides, which will effectively fight against skin sagging and reark the oval of your face.

  1. Fluid for eye contour

This particularly sensitive area is entitled to its own product. Apply this treatment with caution on the entire eye area by tapping. For optimal protection of this particular part of the face, do not hesitate to apply this fluid morning and evening.

  1. Eye contours patches

You will find in the radius of anti-aging care products patches based on hyaluronic acid for the eye area. They help regenerate this delicate area and stimulate the firmness of the upper eyelids, while attenuating dark circles. Fine lines are filled for an instantly younger look.