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What areas are targeted in cryotherapy ?

Adipous cells S’very easily accumulate in the body in some people. They create beads and curves that are problematic at the level of the’Aesthetics and L’body harmony. Once installed, they are generally recalcitrant and it is often difficult to’get rid of it, even with the whole will of the world.

Fortunately, there is a technique that allows’overrun. They’Acts cryotherapy, this technique consists in using the cold to melt excess fat in body level.

This technique has existed for centuries, but has been modernized in the United States by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and the’Harvard University. Find out which parts of the body can be affected by cryotherapy.

The areas affected by cryotherapy: face and neck

If the body is mainly affected by cryotherapy, it is also possible to Use this technique to eliminate fatty areas In terms of face and neck.

The face

The face is sometimes the refuge of’a surplus of fat, with cheeks that can’round off. In this case, the use of cryotherapy is the ideal solution. At l’Help D’An appropriate device, which can generate cold at -10 ┬░ C, the professional of aesthetic medicine can cause the destruction of adipose face cells. Two cryotherapy sessions may be enough to treat a fatty surface.

However, the result will not be palpable until approximately two months after the’intervention.

Once the adipose face cells have been destroyed by the’Effect of cold, they not’more have the possibility of regenerating. They’So sells a few weeks in which dead cells are eliminated and the former skin is gradually retracts.

The neck

The skin that is at the level of the neck sometimes reveals a excess fat. Thus, in some people forms a double chin which is characterized by the presence of’A heap of beads between the chin and the neck. Recall that the double chin can be hereditary or due to overweight and aging.

The good news is that the neck is l’One of the areas targets cryotherapy. Thus, thanks to an slimming machine, the practitioner submits adipocytes to a negative temperature. The cold then leads to the crystallization of fatty acids, which causes the destruction of fat Located at the neck.

Cryotherapy; slimming device; cold

The other parts of the body targeted in cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a proven technique, it is really effective for Eliminate unsightly fatty areas.


Superfluous fat can also accommodate under the skin of the arms and thus cause unsightly beads. They can still be melted via localized cryotherapy. VS’is also a technique indicated for Restoring tone to arms that have become soft and flasks with aging.

Following the consultation, the professional precisely defines the area of the arm to be treated.

During’intervention, it has’a fabric soaked in gel to protect the skin and’Ensure excellent thermal conduction. Then he puts the’appropriate device on the party to be treated and Lance finally L’suction of adipose materials. The excess of fat thus destroyed is then gradually freed itself from the’organism by the lymphatic system.

The belly

In women, fat often finds refuge in the lower belly, under the navel. As well as hips, which tends to give a little harmonious appearance to the silhouette. At l’male, The fatty material is generally distributed over the whole belly as well as on the sides.

Slimming diets, with all the constraints that characterize them, are not always effective against the bodies located on the belly.

Even associated with sport, they do not always allow’have a flat stomach. However, when cryotherapy targets the belly, it can help eliminate any trace of adipose materials at the level of’abdomen. The fat that is on the belly lets itself be easily melted by a cryotherapy applicator because’It is located just under the skin. However, cryotherapy is a method D’thinning and not d’weight loss.

It is therefore effective on people who are not overweight or who do not suffer from’obesity.

The back

The back n’is not spared by the’accumulation of fat in the body. He can receive D’important clusters of fat that will form unsightly beads. I’excess fat at this level is generally the Consequence D’overweight, d’poor food hygiene, even D’A hormonal imbalance.

If the phenomenon concerns women in most cases, it’not save men either.

Cryotherapy, an intervention without needle or scalpel, guarantees the casting of these adipose cells by apoptosis. It is therefore these cells that themselves trigger their self-destruction by the’cold action. Cryotherapy naturally causes cell death and is therefore without consequence on the body.

Clearly, adjacent tissues, nerves, blood vessels or The muscles are not damaged by the’operation.


The hips sometimes serve as a receptacle in addition to fat in the body. The beads therefore do not take long to form at this level when’We take a few pounds. Cryotherapy, also called CoolSculpting, makes it possible to Treat these adipose cell concentrates for the’Refinement of curves.

I’One of the good reasons to use this method of aesthetic medicine is that its first results are visible after 3 weeks. About 3 months after the last session, the handles of’love disappear in most cases.

Cryotherapy; Cold therapy; areas concerned


Fat cells particularly appreciate the thighs because’They find there a fertile terrain for their proliferation. Thus, cellulite often manages to locate itself at the’thighs. There are various types. There is fibrous cellulite, which is a set of collagen fibers, spreading around old adipose cells housed in connective tissues. There is also adipose cellulite resulting from the’excess weight or d’A hormonal disruption.

She is commonly described as “skin of’orange “.

Aqueous cellulite is also found at the’thighs. It is generated by a dysfunction of the lymphatic system or venous circulation. Cryotherapy is effective in treating these different types of cellulite located at the’thighs.

Collagen fibers can’t stand l’extreme cold to which the slimming machine subjects them.

The buttocks

The buttocks are naturally formed to store fat. Cellulite that s’installs there turns out to be an energy reserve. In women, before menopause, this reserve is formed in order to promote the smooth running of’next pregnancy.

However, fat can become superfluous and create horse panties, in this case the buttocks become unsightly, annoying.

To end such a problem, cryotherapy is the best solution. This technique does not fall under cosmetic surgery, Unlike liposuction. It is perfect for remodeling the buttocks so as to give them a good level of roundness, while retaining a certain balance.

So, the whole body is likely to’be treated by this method of’thinning.