The sexiest actresses of today’s cinema

The sexiest actresses of the cinema’today’today

What are the sexiest actresses of the current cinema ? Hundreds of women from’Hollywood pass by the big screen every week, almost all with a spectacular physique that would allow them to be in the limelight’appear in a catalog of models. If we have already ranked the sexiest actresses in TV series, it’s time to know which are the most attractive women in movies.

Some of the sexiest actresses of today’Hollywood

From our men’s blog we bring you closer to the world of cinema through the front door, reminding you of five beauties of the big screen who become our sexiest actresses in the cinema of’today’today.

Angelina Jolie

Her maturity does not’has not prevented us from’be the’one of the most sought-after actresses in film today. Actress and director, Angelina Jolie has gained a place in our ranking. Films like’Tomb Raider’ or’Wanted’ show that’it is able to’be a good actress and wear a body at the same time.

Scarlett Johansson

In addition to’be an increasingly popular actress in the’film industry, Scarlett Johansson is also the’one of the hottest women in movies today. It’shown in movies like’Lucy’ and wearing her fitted black suit in the saga’The Avengers’. No one can ever forget her Black Widow scenes.

Megan Fox

Unlike her peers, Megan Fox has not been able to make a name for herself’does not have much natural talent for acting, but her presence alone is enough to fill theaters. Elle l’saga, for example, has done nothing’Transformers’ who became the female protagonist and later in the casting of’Ninja Turtles’.

Mila Kunis

L’actress is the perfect combination of sensuality, sex appeal and character in front of the camera. Mila Kunis loves women and men, although we are fascinated by her curves and how to exploit them to the maximum. We the’seen on tapes like’Ted’,’Black Swan’ and recently in’Jupiter’s Destiny’.

Olivia Wilde

And to close our ranking of the sexiest actresses in cinema, we have to say that’today’Today, we could not forget the’ardent Olivia Wilde. L’interpreter that we saw in’House’ has managed to build a promising career in the cinema while enhancing each of her charms. It has been on tapes as’Rush’,’Her’ or’Tron Legacy’.