The 5 things you should ban from your kitchen!

The 5 things you should ban from your kitchen !

Your kitchen is a place where all your needs and desires in terms of food and clothing are met’What food items should be kept. Therefore, we s’expect to find affordable food, condiments and kitchen appliances in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world.

And while there are some things that are allowed or even recommended in the kitchen, there are also those that should not be’be. After all, it’This is where the food is prepared, so it must be clean, have as much moisture as possible, and be easy to clean’space as possible and only stock things that do no harm or make your meal taste horrible.

In order to’To avoid any untoward occurrences in both your kitchen and your food, here are some examples of things to ban from your kitchen.

A collection of’pre-filled spices

Without spices, it is very difficult to give food a special taste. However, the’buying spices’a spice rack won’t help, because spices that have been stored for a long time are no longer fresh, which means it’s harder to remember what you’re using’They do not give as much taste as they used to’before.

Therefore, even though it seems much more tedious, it’s best to keep it to a minimum’buy individual fresh spices. And as much as possible, try to keep the contents of the container out of the way’After all, it’s only good to buy when you have to, because as mentioned before, stored spices lose their flavor.

Opaque food containers

C’is difficult to’imagine a life without food containers. Although sometimes, like everything else that is hidden, they tend to be forgotten. And if the transparent and translucent containers can be held to the’A collection of discards and left in the depths of the kitchen is unhygienic’If you forget, opaque toasters are much more likely to suffer the same fate because they can be used to toast and bake’It’s harder to remember what to use’there is in it.

To easily keep track of your food, you can either use containers whose contents are visible from the outside, or you can use a dishwasher’It’s where the food is prepared, so it needs to be clean, have as many labels as possible, and be stacked in a bin so you know where to look for them.

Non-stick cookware

Another one something to ban from the kitchen, c’is non-stick cookware. For those who love or need to cook, non-stick cookware is a godsend, as it ensures that food, especially that of friends, remains intact. And as a bonus, it is very easy to clean the oils that stick to its surface, not to mention the fact that it is very easy to remove them’it requires less fat each time you need to fry.

However, these too-good-to-be-true cookware items do indeed have a flaw that is detrimental to health. S’When heated above 260C, non-stick cookware begins to emit toxic fumes that can cause flu-like symptoms in humans and can be deadly to birds. Instead of these wonders, use old stainless steel frying pans.

Although food does stick to them a little, it’s not a big deal’is much better than buying spices’inhaling deadly fumes.

An Instant Toaster

Nothing beats toast, especially in the morning. However, no matter how much of a toast fan you are, it’s time to get rid of the pop-up toasters, or better yet, not buy any at all. If the’Toast bursting never loses the’fun that’it provides, it n’s not worth your money and don’is not hygienic. Opt instead for a toaster oven, because it can toast and cook more than one meal’other foods than bread.

Also, mice tend to climb up the toaster in search of breadcrumbs.

Kitchen sponges

Kitchen sponges are also to be avoided Do not use in the kitchen. C’is cheap to keep the same kitchen sponge. However, this n’is certainly not a hygienic practice. Sponges are sanctuaries where bacteria proliferate, because they are always moist. And even though sponges can be disinfected, it can be difficult to do.

Rather than’If you use sponges, it is better to use a toaster’The use of mats and brushes to wash dishes and kitchen surfaces will not help. However, if you can’t help but prefer these porous foams, be sure to replace them regularly, lest you spread more disease than you prevent.

Follow these tips and make sure that your kitchen is free of sanitary napkins’congestion and germs. After all, these things shouldn’t be in a place that’s supposed to be full of food’love and, of course, good food. It’s not’it is not always necessary to renovate your kitchen to get rid of it’feel good about it.