How to prepare your shopping list

How to prepare your shopping list ?

Shopping is a chore ? Supermarkets are your worst enemies ? Your busy life requires you to save time on this thankless task ? What if our tips for preparing a shopping list allowed you to create a relevant list that will fill your cupboards without draining your energy ? Check out all our tips for preparing a list that will make shopping easier … and save you a lot of wasted time !

How to make a shopping list ?

Everyone knows the principle of a shopping list, and everyone knows how to write down, on a post-it note, on their smartphone or on a piece of paper, what they want to buy before going shopping. But why should you make a shopping list before you leave ? And above all, which one will suit you the best, in you to be more efficient once you arrive at your favorite supermarket ?

Plan your menus to build your shopping list

One simple tip is to plan your menus for the week in advance and write your shopping list based on the ingredients you need. It may seem time-consuming, but it will make shopping easier once you get there. Moreover, anticipating allows you to save money during the shopping: you only buy what you need, nothing is superfluous.

Once at home, no more last minute rush to the supermarket because you have no more milk for your pancakes ! You have planned the right quantities in advance. And for those who find this method too restrictive, remember: when you decide on your menus for the week, you don’t have to follow your schedule to the letter. Once your fridge is full, you can decide to cook your gratin dauphinois or your roast chicken whenever you want.

Write or print your shopping list

You are not a fan of handwritten lists ? So go and have a look on the internet: there are many models of lists organized by product categories (groceries, fruits and vegetables, meat, drinks…), which will make you feel more comfortable easier shopping. Print them out so you can check off what you want to buy and then cross off the foods as you add them to your cart. Saves time: you know what you need to buy in each department, no more trips from one end of the store to the other.

Use it also to make an inventory of what you already have at home: you will avoid duplicates and waste.

Shopping list applications

If you’re the connected type, we have the solution: install a shopping list application. These applications offer features that save time and money. It’s hard to list them all, so here is a small sample of our favorites. With Bring, you can Share your shopping lists with the members of your household.

If you’ve already gone to your favorite supermarket and your spouse realizes that there are no more mushrooms, no problem ! The list is editable: a notification will allow you not to forget the essential element of his next risotto. If you need to save money, go ahead and download ListOn Free: you’ll be able to control your budget by indicating the prices you don’t want to exceed. In addition, you can cross out the items once they are added to your cart. Finally, if you feel like a great chef, turn to Yummly: this application will give you recipe ideas based on what you like and also allows you to make your shopping list.

You can even tell the app that you’re on a vegan diet ! Many apps also allow you to compare prices between different brands. Take a look at it..

Make your shopping list with a voice assistant

And yes, if Alexa already helps you play your favorite songs or turn off your lights, both Google and Amazon have developed their voice assistants to help you prepare your shopping. If you’re a Carrefour fan, connect your customer account to your Google account. With a simple “OK Google”, you will be able to list your shopping list, and Google will show you the prices of your future purchases… but also some suggestions based on the lowest prices, The most popular products of other consumers, and even lists you have used in the past.

Examples of shopping list

To each his own shopping list: whether the most important thing for you is to eat organic, to eat local or above all to save money, here are all our tips to make a list adapted to your tastes and your convictions.

Healthy shopping list

Whether you are rebalancing your diet, dieting after a few excesses, preparing for your summer body or addicted to a demanding sports program, the healthy shopping list is made for you. Not always easy to eat healthy and light. Choose foods that are low in calories and saturated fats: banish prepared meals, welcome homemade vegetable-based recipes.

Eat white meat instead (like chicken) and turn to whole grain pasta (more and more numerous in our shelves). Fruits and vegetables will have a major place in your diet: why not change your habits by favouring seasonal fruits and vegetables ? Make sure you only choose 100% pure fruit juices… or take the opportunity to become an expert in homemade smoothies. Healthy doesn’t mean boring: treat yourself to dried fruits or rice cakes, and add flavor to your recipes by adding spices.

Recipe books and websites offer dozens of light and easy recipes: use them as inspiration to create a shopping list that will help you lose weight without frustrating you. It is possible to have a healthy diet !

example shopping list

Vegetarian shopping list

Your convictions have led you to give up meat, and you are tired of speeches claiming that vegetarians have deficiencies, eat tasteless dishes, or even only eat seeds ? Don’t let it happen to you. Once meat is banned, replace it with plant proteins (lentils, beans, tofu…). Animal dairy products can be changed into their vegetable alternatives: coconut, soy, almond or hazelnut milk… There is something for everyone. Become a pro at making homemade hummus, make your own burgers or vegetarian lasagna, eat oatmeal for breakfast and eat oilseeds to avoid lacking iron and protein& dried fruits are your friends.

Classic and generalist websites such as Marmiton, Le journal des femmes, as well as specialized websites such as menu végétarien or cuisine végétarienne will offer you “vegan” recipes adapted to the taste buds of beginners. It’s also an opportunity to discover how aromatic herbs can make your dish a success, even with your carnist friends ! Making a vegetarian shopping list has never been so easy.

Student shopping list

If you are a student, shopping can become a real headache: how to limit your expenses, while enjoying yourself and without skimping on quality ? Using a shopping list application can help you set a budget to respect. Also think about mobile applications that reimburse your shopping or offer you coupons: Casino Max, Coupon Network, Shopmium … Some products can be reimbursed to 100%. Other apps allow you to group your loyalty cards together so you don’t miss any promotions, such as Fidmarques or Fidall.

Also consider buying seasonal fruits and vegetables: cheaper, tastier, healthier, they will be good for your body and your wallet. And if, despite everything, the end of the month is difficult, discover all our pasta recipes, for economical but tasty meals !

Shopping list for the month

Finally, if you hate supermarkets so much that you don’t want to set foot in them more than once a month, you can make a shopping list for thirty days and only shop once every four weeks. Since fresh food doesn’t keep well for several weeks, check out frozen, canned and jarred foods. Of good quality, they keep their nutritional qualities and sometimes contain fewer additives than fresh products ! Dry products are also your allies: pasta, rice, but also wheat, bulgur, quinoa… You can vary your recipes.

If you have a good freezer, think about cooking meat and fish dishes and freezing them: you will be able to enjoy them throughout your month without shopping.

Make a shopping list to save money

If you have already understood that drawing up a shopping list allows you to save time, you should also know that it will reduce your expenses. Walking the shelves of supermarkets with an already established list allows you not to be tempted by attractive products that you do not need. In fact, go shopping after you’ve eaten, not before ! A smart list will help you avoid throwing away products you bought in excess. To each his own shopping list: what are you waiting for to start yours ?

And if you do your shopping directly online ?

C’is a service offered by more and more retailers’brands, home shopping delivery. This can be a real asset for the elderly, or people who have difficulty getting around. But this can also bring many advantages to people n’don’t like to shop, or don’t have time’if you don’t have the time. This will allow them to devote this time to other activities’other activities.

Vou can find a home shopping delivery service on shoppingu.You will quickly realize how much time you will save with this method. Filling up will take you only a few minutes and a few clicks.

And there’s more’There are other benefits to shopping online, including not having to carry heavy items home, such as packs of groceries’water or milk. You can also have a better control of your budget by monitoring the amount of your basket according to your purchases. No more surprises when you arrive at the cash register, you will know exactly how much you are going to spend, even before you pay.