The 5 best Scandinavian home decor brands

The 5 best Scandinavian decorating brands

The Nordic decoration The Scandinavian style is becoming more and more popular and to keep up with this trend, several brands have started to offer Scandinavian style furniture and objects. In this post, we are going to make you discover the 5 ideal brands which make furniture and articles with Scandinavian design for the pleasure of the Nordic culture lovers.

H&M Home and the Scandinavian decoration

Engaged in interior design since 2014, H&M is a Swedish manufacturer that offers trendy Scandinavian design products. Its latest innovation is nothing less than its selection of small size furniture for modest budgets.

It is a brand of Danish origin that produces furniture and decorative objects that have both convenience, style and uniqueness. Characteristics that are the watchwords of the Scandinavian culture. In addition, the inhabitants of Paris will be able to take advantage of Bolia’s prowess since it has recently opened a branch in the heart of the city and more precisely in the 6th arrondissement.

Ferm Living

Young company, Ferm LIvind was created in 2005 in Denmark. She makes furniture with monumental designs such as marble tables with yellow copper parts and velvety armchairs. This at affordable costs.

By Lassen

By Lassen Scandinavian furniture such as comfy seats, wooden chests of drawers… will make your home exceptional. The brand is located in Copenhagen.

It is intended for the wealthy who are adept at Scandinavian decor. Indeed, it is specialized in the confection of luxury objects such as the typical luminaries, sumptuous tables as well as sofas of ancient architecture. You will simply love the products of these different brands.

Why choose a Scandinavian painting ?

The Scandinavian table has become the must-have of interior design. More and more residents are opting for these models in their apartments. But why does ? The Scandinavian painting goes very well with a sober and natural decoration which is very popular at the moment.

C’It is also a good start for a Scandinavian decoration in your living room.

A way to breastfeed’to have a trendy interior in all simplicity. This allows you to’bring a colorful touch to your apartment without taking up too much space. There is something for everyone, and at every price point, that will add a touch of sophistication to your walls without being too flashy.

The Scandinavian table is a good example’This is the perfect gift if you are short on energy’This is an inspiration for a birthday, Christmas and even a housewarming or wedding gift. A lasting gift that is original and will not be seen everywhere.

L’The era of colorful paintings is over and it brings a touch of modernity to everyone’s home. Simple canvases that give you all the charm with their pastel colors or simply in shades of gray. The patterns are pretty much all over the place which makes the Scandinavian picture suitable for all types of decor.