How to save money and still look good

How to save money while staying stylish ?

It is possible to save money on clothing items while remaining stylish. The secret is to adopt some practices on how you spend money when you dress.

You need to know your clothing style. This will help you avoid trying new styles that can waste a lot of money.

You must also Set a monthly budget that you will respect. You can also swap clothes with your friends or shop for second hand clothes.

Discover your clothing style

The first step to saving money, while remaining stylish, is to discover your clothing style. This step is important.

It will help you build a wardrobe of fashionable clothing without spending all your savings. We advise you to make a chart of what you want to have as wardrobe.

For this, you will need the advice of your loved ones or, you inspire you to :

  • Pinterest;
  • Clothing magazines;
  • Movies.

By scanning these different channels, you can find what you like to wear. A clear picture of what you need in your wardrobe will help you to be aware of what is missing.

Take your time

This is to make you make conscious decisions, when you want to buy clothes. This tip is also very important, even if it is difficult to implement. To do this, you need to change your thinking.

You must start by building a budget.

It is important to set a budget that is realistic. Setting a monthly budget to start with is a good start. This budget should only be dedicated to the purchase of clothing items.

Setting a budget will depend on your financial situation. According to experts, the budget that should be dedicated to clothing should represent, approximately 5% of your monthly net income. You need to learn to stick to the budget, avoiding buying items on impulse.

What you have to do, in order to slow down totally your expenses in clothing, will be to see first the article that you want to buy in a store or on the internet. Instead of pulling out your credit card to buy the item on the spot, do a little research to have a clear idea of what to expect.

When researching an item, make sure you have accurate information on :

  • The brand of the item in question;
  • What it is made of;
  • Its durability.

It is best to research an item to see if it is durable. You will be able to use the item for a long time.

Buy essential clothes

To start with buying the clothing items, it is important tobuy the basics. They are essential for a wardrobe.

Your wardrobe staples can consist of pants, blazers that are very good quality, white shirts or well-fitting jeans.

When putting together your wardrobe staples, it’s important to make sure that these items are of a very high quality good quality. This is important because you want clothes that last.

Observe a shrinkage period

When you buy a new item, it is better not to remove the label right away. You must check if you have the possibility to return the item. If you do, Check the return policy.

This will allow you to know how much time you have to return the item.

Once you have checked this detail, try it on for a few days to see what you think. It is a question of knowing if you still have a fascination for the article of clothing.

If after a trial period, you notice that you no longer feel that deep fascination for the item, return it.

Become a friend of the swap and savings stores

If you’re a fashionista looking to clean out your wardrobe and fill it with new, trendy clothes, saving and participating in the exchange are a good idea.

Not only do clothing exchanges help you have a wardrobe full of colors, patterns and textures, but you also participate in saving the environment.

Try swapping clothes with friends or going to second hand stores. In Thrift stores, you will find very economical articles. It is even possible to buy second hand, from home, on the internet.

Note that there are durable clothes that are within reach, instead of going to buy clothes at the ready-to-wear store.

You can also visit the charity stores in your neighborhood. Shopping for clothes at charity stores shows that you care about the environment and are spending for good causes.

Take care of your clothes

You may not find this tip too interesting, but it is important to take it into account, If you expect the items in your wardrobe to stay for a long time. Such a tip will save you more money than you ever imagined.

Taking care of the clothes in your wardrobe is very easy. All you have to do is cold wash them. You also have to sew them when they are torn.

If you can’t sew them yourself, just find a local tailor to whom you will entrust your torn items. When you buy an item, check the seams for tightness.

Don’t rely on the media or opinions people who say that clothes are not made to last. The opposite is true, clothing items can last and are always interesting. The textile industry creates these arguments to encourage over-consumption.

Buy the items during the liquidation period

A better idea to save money on your clothes, while remaining stylish, will be tobuy during a clearance period. You can also shop for clothing out of season. During these periods, there are percentages of reduction on the selling price.

If you are shopping online, it is important to know the discount codes. Sometimes there are discount codes available in addition to the sale price.

This tip will help you save money on clothing items. This is important because we all know the feeling of waste that we feel, when we pay 100 € for an article. And later, you realize, that the sale price has been reduced to €20 during the clearance period.

What not to do when you’re saving money and still looking good
To save money, avoid :

  • Spending money on trends,
  • Buying an item because a discount has been posted,
  • Shop at vintage stores,
  • Buying poor quality clothes that are made of fragile fabrics,
  • Deciding to buy an item when you’re not sure whether to buy it.

The last point is very important. Avoid buying clothes when you haven’t decided yet. The simple fact of doubting about an item should be a reason to drop the item for the moment.

You will have more time to think about it, to know if you should afford it or not.