Mindfulness massage – A guide to conscious awareness

Mindfulness massage – A guide to conscious awareness

Muscular tensions often have psychological causes. Stress at work or an overload in the home environment often express themselves in physical symptoms such as back pain, headaches or in the cramping of the neck muscles.

Classical massages start at the affected areas to loosen the muscles by exerting physical forces.

A different starting point has the mindfulness massage, which relies on a meditative form of touch and includes the psyche in the massage.

Mindfulness massage – concentration on the moment

Mindfulness occupies a special place in the Far Eastern meditation teachings.

The aim is to achieve a state in which all thoughts and sensations are concentrated exclusively on the present moment.

Events from the past and future fears are faded out in this state and play no role for the current events. In this way, one’s own body is perceived quite consciously.

In practice, this means a radical break with traditional patterns of thought and behavior, because most people’s thoughts are either preoccupied with past events or digress into the future.

Problem-solving strategies are often developed unconsciously with the desire to be able to positively influence the future.

Massage instructions for mindfulness massage

A massage instruction for mindfulness massages differs in some points clearly from conventional massage instructions.

The focus is not on the description of individual techniques, but on the realization that physical complaints can be alleviated through the harmony of thoughts, emotions and spirituality.

In mindfulness massage, protective barriers of the body, which often manifest themselves in muscle tension, are overcome and reduced step by step.

By focusing on the here and now, fears of the future no longer play a role in mindfulness massage. At the same time, meditative touch satisfies the basic human need for closeness.

With proper implementation of the massage instructions, patients reach a state of deep relaxation, where protective mechanisms are naturally released.

With mindfulness massage to conscious body awareness

With the help of mindfulness massage, stuck thought patterns can be broken, which often leads to a re-evaluation of the inner attitude.

A massage guide describes how to focus mindfulness on the moment and gradually reduce fears about the future.

In practice, a change in inner attitude is often associated with a gain in empathy.

The ability to feel compassion is increased. Clinical studies on this topic show that the same areas in the brain are active during massage and mindfulness.

Concentrating on touch in many cases results in the release of happy hormones, which leads to a noticeably increased sense of well-being.