Cold – Massages can also help with recovery

With a cold can also help short massages

Especially in winter it is important to take care of yourself and your health. If it is not a full-blown flu, a cold can be very long and troublesome.

But what to do when the immune system has really gone slack and a cold is on its way??

In addition to many different home remedies such as ginger tea, hot lemon and herbal baths, massages can also help.

They not only offer relaxation, but also strengthen and stimulate at the same time.

In addition, tensions caused by constant coughing or other cold-typical behaviors are alleviated or avoided altogether.

If the cold has broken out, however, the familiar conventional medicine should not be dispensed with.

Throat tablets or antipyretics help the body to get rid of the disease faster and get better.

Ideally, at this time of year, everyone has the relevant cold remedies in stock at home so that they can react quickly.

Moreover, if these cold remedies are ordered via the Internet, it is not even necessary to go to the stationary pharmacy in order to be prepared for everything.

When the immune system is fighting against bacteria and viruses, the body should also be given vitamin-rich food, rest and special attention.

Massages can also help here, because they stimulate the metabolism and the blood circulation, so that harmful substances can be eliminated faster and better.

Aroma oils free the nose during a cold

An aromatic oil massage at the same time relaxes the muscles and, with the right fragrances, also clears blocked noses and congested bronchi.

If you have a massage during a cold or with a cold coming on, you should tell your masseur so that he can adjust his treatment accordingly.

The room temperature should also be particularly well adapted, so that a cooling of the person to be treated is avoided.

However, since a massage, in addition to its relaxing effect, can also be somewhat stressful for the body, it should not last too long.

If cold balm or essential oils such as eucalyptus or mountain pine are used, which have an expectorant effect, these will continue to have an effect even after the clothing has been put on.