Masseur training in holistic body therapy

Training as a masseur of holistic body therapy

The holistic medical body therapy combines different types of massages. Already in the training to become a masseur is classified.

Among other things, there is the medical masseur or healing masseur. In the field of energy medicine appears the vital masseur.

If you take a look at the training contents for different kinds of masseurs, you will get a completely different picture of the masseur’s work than you might still have in your mind: the fat, strong masseur who kneads the patient for minutes on the couch.

The vital masseur

Away from the cliché. Considering the vital masseur, he must master some theory when applying holistic massages.

This includes basic techniques, modes of action and medical contexts. The field of psychosomatics is also involved in the practice of a vital masseur.

It is the interaction of body and mind in the human being that will make the masseur aware of which techniques can be applied, such as vibration techniques, yin-yang massage technique or breath massage.

If the masseur uses singing bowls for the massage, there are some techniques to be considered. The knowledge about the quality of the singing bowls and how sounds and music can be used in medicine comes into play with the singing bowl massage.

The medical masseur

From vital masseur to medical masseur: The medical theoretical part includes all kinds of knowledge and skills. This includes anatomy and physiology (z. B. Metabolism, cardiovascular system, cells and tissues).

Furthermore, pathological knowledge that is taught in the general theory of disease.

Medical masseurs must also acquire special pathological knowledge, including the pathology of the lymphatic system and nervous system.

Especially important – and this applies to masseurs of all kinds – are knowledge and practice in hygiene. Working hygiene and knowledge about infections and sterilization are mandatory.

Other massage techniques

The massage techniques become more and more sophisticated and find special application on the patient.

In addition to the classic massage, the following massage techniques can be found in practical application: Foot reflexology, connective tissue massage, Marnitz therapy, shiatsu, manual lymphatic drainage, as well as the combination of some of the techniques with each other.

The Mindfulness Massage®

This form of massage is much more than pure technique. They combine touch and movement in a meditation-like form.

Here the process of massage becomes an in-depth experience for body and mind.

The movements of a Mindfulness Massage® are similar to the gentle flowing and harmonious movements of Tai Chi.

The conscious experience of the moment and the experience of the body, can awaken one’s own energies and lead to more vitality.

Mindful feeling and paying attention to one’s body can help release one’s natural potential.

This makes Mindfulness Massage® a high quality massage technique with a profound background.