EM products – microorganisms for a better future

EM products – microorganisms for a better future

Effective microorganisms are used in many areas. But what are Effective Microorganisms or EM products anyway?? EM products consist largely, as the name suggests, of microorganisms such as bacteria. For example, EM feed contains lactic acid bacteria and yeast cultures. The use of these products protects agriculture.

However, EM agriculture is not only characterized by the protection of nature. Through the use of EM feeds the soil is sustainably improved. Furthermore, EM agriculture leads to increased water quality, because the microorganisms contained in the feed not only do not contaminate the water, but also treat it and additionally support the plant life.

But not only in agriculture EM products are used. Also in the natural cosmetics, in alternative soil fertilization, but also food supplements these small helpers are used with pleasure. The most diverse cleaning products now also rely on EM effectiveness and thus protect the environment, but also the user himself, his family members, pets and others.

Toxic and environmentally harmful substances are thus replaced and new, effective and environmentally friendly microbes can show what they are capable of doing. If we consider the problems of environmental pollution and climate change, natural and gentle, but at the same time diverse ingredients are in demand as never before. They may be the first step towards a more sustainable future.

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