Gamers and e-sportsmen – fit at the computer with healthy food and drink

Healthy eating habits for gamers

Prejudices against gamers are great, the fewest of them are true. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between a casual gamer and a professional gamer.

Gaming professionals are by no means boring tri-types without contacts, but successful e-sportsmen, with a high need for healthy nutrition and mental fitness.

The grab for a quick snack

Reaching for frozen pizza, cookies from the box or a canned food is naturally tempting when you are in the middle of a game and want to take as little break as possible.

This is not only the case for gamers, but also for office workers and all people who have little free time but a lot to do.

Hours of gaming is often not just a hobby, but can become a job, and especially in professional life, nutrition is crucial.

So if you need to keep a clear head for hours on end when playing online slot machines or games of skill, you need the right nutrition!

Fatty food? Off limits for gamers! Because in order to keep the overview at gambling and other game variations, it needs a certain amount of mental fitness.

Greasy pizzas and other fast foods make you tired, leave ugly marks on your keyboard and are not recommended. Very important to meet the daily needs of nutrients to keep the body in shape and the mind useful.

Sugar boosts and then causes performance loss

The energy is gone, quickly a candy bar and the power is back again. But how long? Unfortunately, only briefly, which makes sugar an unsuitable food for gamers.

If the chocolate bar is eaten, the blood sugar level rises rapidly. For a brief moment, energy is at its peak, the reels are rolling, the game begins!

But then the loss of performance strikes. Just as quickly as the insulin rushed through the body, it retracts again. The consequences are fatigue, feeling of weakness and loss of concentration.

For a balanced fitness level, physically and mentally, a sugar reduction, not a complete renunciation is recommended. White sugar from cola drinks and sweets should be avoided; instead, high-quality fructose from fruit should be used.

This drives the blood sugar level up more slowly and a rapid drop is prevented. In addition, fruit ensures a balanced vitamin level in the body.

The nut as a snack for gamers

Nuts, we need nuts! In fact, a bowl of nuts should not be missing on any desk. Nuts are a direct engine for the brain when consumed regularly. The antioxidants it contains also ensure the elimination of free radicals in the body.

Whether pecans, almonds, walnuts or macadamia nuts, numerous types of nuts are able to boost brain function better than an energy drink could.

Finding the right drinks for gamers

The energy drink. It comes in classic flavors, fruity berries, even cola flavor is available. Caffeine and taurine promise a boost, a kick, the wow-wake-up effect, and they deliver on that promise. But how long?

How long-term is the effect and what are the health implications of continuous consumption of energy drinks while gaming?

Caffeine has a short-term stimulating effect and makes you wide awake. But the consequences are noticeable. The booster deprives the body of water and dehydrates it. Since most gamers don’t have a water bottle next to their cola bottle, this is a health risk factor.

In addition, the taurine and caffeine kick is often followed by the fatigue kick. The short term built up concentration goes down the drain and the chances of failing in the game increase.

To keep cells active (and that includes brain cells), the human body needs water. Whether in pure form or in the form of tea, no successful game without water.

Water gives the body energy, provides for more performance and for the urgently needed concentration when it comes to developing the right game tactics.

A soft drink or energy drink every now and then is not necessarily recommended from a medical point of view, but it is a must for many gamblers. And the pleasure becomes quite legitimate when the body has its necessary water level and does not need to be protected from dehydration.

Sumptuous meals vs. delicious snacks

Ca. 80 percent of all people experience the same effect after a sumptuous meal: they get tired, the urge to take a nap becomes overwhelming.

If you are sitting in the office and have to perform at the highest level, you have just as big a problem as someone who is hunting for the right strategy in an online casino. Both require maximum concentration, and this is usually off track after a heavy meal.

The consumption of small meals has a much more favorable effect on the body. They are easier to digest, provide the necessary energy and leave the fatigue effect out of the equation. Even hot meals can be light meals if they are prepared properly.

Instead of greasy chips, salads, smoothie bowls, dishes with oatmeal (overnight oats), vegetables, whole-grain pasta and much more are suitable.

As an online gamer does not have to do without certain foods. Pizza Hawaii is also allowed, but rather after gaming and not during it, so as not to endanger concentration.

Important tips for staying fit while gaming online

In summary, there are some important tips that can help keep fit while playing online and avoid a hangover caused by the wrong diet:

  • Nuts as a snack always belong within reach,
  • Avoiding fatty and heavy main meals,
  • No energy drink without enough water,
  • Reduce sugar, rely on sugar alternatives,
  • Two liters of water per day should be drunk.

And last but not least it has to be said that besides the right nutrition, oxygen and exercise play a big role for enduring fitness in gaming. Simply stepping outside for ten minutes between two rounds of play can already provide new energy.

And if this is not possible for you or if you don’t feel like walking through the staircase in your gambling clothes, you can also get your oxygen boost at the open window.

Short exercise sessions, a few squats and a bit of jumping up and down helps to “shake up” and reset the concentration level. Ten minutes is often enough to generate the power for several more rounds of play, with maximum concentration.