Feet – they carry us throughout our lives and deserve our attention!

Important for health – attention to the feet

Often they lie hidden in socks and unnoticed in shoes, our feet. As if automatically, they move from one place to the next and bear your entire body weight – and that for a lifetime.

Perhaps you are one of those people who pay little attention to their feet, let alone care for them. Wouldn’t it be wise, for the sake of your health and well-being, to start before neck and back pain or even spinal misalignments develop over time?.

Incorrect footwear: to the chagrin of the feet and the spine

It is estimated that about 80 % of the population suffers from discomfort or. Suffer pain in and around the feet. In most cases, the cause is incorrect footwear. This can not only affect the feet, but also have a negative impact on other areas of the body.

Blisters, thick calluses, corns, deformities, swellings, back pain, neck pain, headaches, a bent spine and associated postural deformities, weakened muscles and discomfort when walking can then be the consequences.

Since you probably also have one or the other footwear in your shoe cabinet that is not exactly to be classified as positive for your health, here are the various shoes with their possible effects listed:

Flip-flops and mulesThe foot has no support, the toes have to claw into the shoe when walking and this leads to muscle tension – in the long run these shoes are harmful to the feet.

BallerinasThe toes are constricted in front; they usually have very thin soles, which can be dangerous on uneven terrain. Also, they can still lead to fallen arches – here, too, permanent wearing is not recommended.

Sneakers and low shoesSandals are good, but should be made of a breathable material to avoid sweaty feet.

Sandals: Are generally also good! However, the heel should not be higher than 3 cm.

Beware of the number 1 culprit: high heels

Some women walk in high heels or pumps all their lives and therefore can no longer walk in flat shoes. But that is not the worst. High heels can be particularly dangerous in the long run compared to other shoe styles.

On the one hand, the natural movement (first the heel is placed and then rolling over the front part of the foot) is no longer carried out. When wearing high heels, on the other hand, the front foot is very heavily loaded.

Therefore, over time, muscles and tendons can become contorted, the calf muscles and Achilles tendons can shorten, and headaches can set in due to incorrect loading of the spine.

In the long run, these shoes also lead to pain when wearing flat shoes and to splay feet. On the other hand, the toes are constricted when wearing high heels.

The big toe then bends towards the center and the other toes bend outwards. This causes the so-called hallux valgus, an unnatural bunion.

Frequent shoe change is announced

To minimize the negative effects of unsuitable shoes, you should always wear different shoes. This is the only way to avoid one-sided strain on your feet and to challenge your feet again and again.

Uncomfortable shoes – and be they also still so beautifully – should you in principle not buy and certainly not carry. Also helpful are relief soles.

Feel the earth under your feet – walking barefoot

In addition to changing your shoes regularly, you should also walk around barefoot more often. The feet also want to breathe. Let air to your feet and take off the thick socks!

Run over the grass in the park, through mud and puddles, over soft forest soil and hold your feet in cool streams and rivers and enjoy the various sensory impressions that you can perceive through the feet. In addition, you can also walk across the floor with bare feet at home.

Benefits: Calf muscle and Achilles tendon are strengthened, blood circulation and thus the immune system is stimulated.

Foot baths and foot massages – also for relaxation for the mind and soul

Another benefit for the feet are foot baths and foot massages. Let z. B. get a foot reflexology massage or a spiral massage from a masseur or from your partner or even from your own hands.

The best thing to do beforehand is a warm foot bath enhanced with essential oils. 5 minutes are enough for this. For the foot massage with an oil or a cream you should take at least 10 minutes of time.

This relaxation is good – not only for the feet, but also for the mind and soul!

Fitters for healthy feet

Lastly, here are a few tips to keep the feet fit and contribute to beautiful and healthy feet: