Lose weight, permanently, healthy, with these tips it can succeed

Lose weight permanently and healthily with these tips

If you want to lose weight permanently and healthily, it is better to stay away from crash diets.

Too drastic a reduction in daily calorie intake will ultimately only cause your metabolism to adjust.

We consume fewer calories than before. The dreaded yo-yo effect inevitably sets in.

In addition, with a strict diet it is hardly possible to absorb all the important nutrients.

Deficiency symptoms and reduced performance can be the result.

In order to lose weight, it is therefore advisable to change the diet in the long term.

Some exercise supports the success. Here is a sensible strategy to lose weight permanently and healthily.

Identify the reasons for weight gain

At the beginning you should be completely honest with yourself. What are the reasons for weight gain?

If this is not immediately clear to you, you should first keep a food diary.

But the important thing is that during this time we eat the same way as before.

So don’t fall into the trap of eating healthier because you are now writing everything down.

Finally, you want to determine what is the cause of the excess weight.

If you have kept a diary for a week, calculate how many calories you have eaten in a day.

For this a calorie calculator on the Internet helps. Also determine your actual energy needs, for example, with this calculator.

The most common reasons for weight gain:

  • unconscious eating,
  • Eating when stressed,
  • Foods with very high energy density,
  • Too little exercise,
  • Snacking too often in between meals,
  • Caloric drinks such as soda, cola and alcohol.

If you recognize the cause, you have already taken the first step

In most cases, overweight people, without realizing it, take in more calories than they consume.

You are often not aware of how many calories especially industrially processed foods have.

If one considers that, for example, a bar of chocolate has more calories than a large apple, it quickly becomes clear where the problem lies.

Long-term weight loss can often be achieved just by eliminating the main cause of obesity.

For example, those who regularly snack on chips and sweets in the evening in front of the TV can lose weight if they break this habit.

If the surplus calories in liquid form are increased for example by lemonade or alcohol, it is often already sufficient to replace the beverages by water or unsweetened tea.

You certainly understand the principle, the important thing here is to be honest with yourself and recognize the reasons.

This is how you can change your diet to lose weight in the long term

Many successful weight loss programs such as lifestyle cure.de are based on a sustainable dietary change.

Here it is important to change the diet slowly. Because we humans are now once „habit animals“.

If we go too radical and ban everything that tastes good, we will not be able to keep up the new lifestyle for long.

It is better to integrate step by step new habits in life.

Honestly, you probably already know what a healthy and balanced diet could look like.

Still, here are the best tips and measures to lose weight permanently: