Office chair – The right one supports healthy sitting in everyday office life

The right office chair supports healthy sitting

Modern life weans people from many natural conditions that are essential for their health. Significant examples are convenience products for nutrition or the lack of movement due to artificial mobility. But technical progress not only creates conditions that encourage unhealthy comfort – it also develops alternatives that combine the new comfort with a healthy lifestyle.

The best example of this is the new generation of office chairs, which can offset the harmful effects of sitting for hours on end in everyday office life.

Sitting well is vital

Sitting was not actually intended by nature for humans and their backs. Evolution has made us unique runners, and for relaxation all earthlings prefer lying down. For sitting, the human skeleton is not very suitable. This is because it almost completely restricts the flexibility of the spine and results in one-sided loads.

These in turn cause damage that can lead to a herniated disc (and thus to paralysis of the extremities). The seated position is a product of mechanization and not a natural development. Even the Romans preferred to take their meals lying down.

Today, most people in industrialized nations work in the office. In Germany alone, there are ca. 18 million people. They spend within their working life about 60.000 hours sitting. No wonder that back problems are now the widespread disease no. 1 in Germany are. 80% of all Germans already have to do with it.

For several years now, musculoskeletal disorders have been causing the highest number of sick days in this country. Although the diagnosis „disease of the respiratory tract“ still leads the ranking of sick leave, but back problems require a much longer treatment time.

The alarming thing about this development is that it is by no means limited to the increasing age of workers. The illness curve rises most sharply among young people and people just starting out in their careers. So it makes sense to pay attention to a favorable ergonomic sitting position for any kind of activity from the very first day of work.

The danger of back problems does not end with the end of the working day, but extends into the private living environment. In addition, more and more people spend their free time at the PC and a constantly increasing number of self-employed people work in a home office. Selecting the right seating and buying an office chair online should be a top priority not only for the workplace, but also for the home.

Buy office chair online – what to look for?

Modern office chairs come with a whole package of health benefits. Prospective customers who buy their office chair online have the advantage that they can survey all these criteria and do not have to rely on the more or less random offer of their local furniture dealer. This is because every person has different requirements, which are only partially met by standard offers in the lower price ranges.

The price of a modern office chair is not determined by its image (as the term „executive chair“ might suggest), but by the variety of its built-in ergonomic benefits. These range from floor rollers to neck rests. Who sits down at the PC to buy his office chair online, quickly obtains the overview to the most important criteria. Thus the purchase can take place after the individual needs

Office chair buy online – orient to the individual conditions

The most important thing, of course, is to choose the type of office chair according to body size and weight. Although every office chair is height-adjustable and designed to withstand an average load, the depth of the suspension and the upholstery material alone can make a significant difference. Not only the seat, but also the height and the width of the backrest should be chosen according to the individual body condition.

The quality of the floor castors is also affected. They take the entire load on a few small support points and must still function permanently. Good office chair castors are also adjusted to different floor coverings. With the office chair on-line buy can be made in such a way already a clear preselection. An office furniture expert offers thereby a multiplicity at suitable office chairs.

Office chair online buy – ergonomic advantages

Decisive ergonomic advantages of an office chair are the flexible movement of the seat shell and the backrest. In this way, the body is not jammed into a rigid system“ but the chair follows the movements of its user. This is eminently important to avoid a fixed position for hours on end. The freedom of movement in the chair helps to keep the spine and the entire human support apparatus flexible, even if it takes a sitting posture for a long time.

Of particular importance here is a 3-D seat shell. This element means that the seat follows the pelvic movements forward, backward and sideways. Nevertheless, of course, the stability of the seat is not affected. Even more common are the movements of the back, which literally „rubs up against a wall&#8220with a rigidly adjusted backrest;. If the seat back follows the movements of the user, not only the musculature relaxes, but also the pelvis is loaded differently.

Many innovations in the backrest also help support the back at neuralgic points and improve blood circulation to the muscles. Lordosis support, Detensor slats or the adjustment to the back pressure are only some of them.