Massages to relax can be prescribed in the GKV or PKV

Massages to relax in the GKV or PKV can be prescribed

Information flows everywhere and all the time. It is required from us to act fast, flexible and mobile. Who has not learned to relax and find peace in between, easily goes under.

The stress becomes more, your own resilience dwindles and when the condition becomes chronic, a burn-out is not far away.

Burn-Out means burn out and describes since the 70s a state of chronic exhaustion of body and psyche. Traditional massages can give that moment of relaxation.

Acupressure – Tuina and Shiatsu

From classical Chinese medicine comes the acupressure, which brings the body energy with the help of pressure on individual points back into flow and thus stimulates the body to initiate healing processes.

The Chinese variant, Tuina, is considered a form of healing massage and manual therapy. Pushing and gripping certain points on the body works for sleep and hormonal disorders, gastrointestinal and colds.

In Japan, the massage technique Shiatsu was developed from Chinese medicine. Shiatsu means „finger pressure“ and uses hands and elbows to dissolve blockages along the meridians, the energy lines of the body.

Therapists can be found through the German Tuina Academy and the Society for Shiatsu in Germany.

Oil massages: Relaxing with Ayurveda and Lomi Lomi

Ayurvedic massages feel completely different. With different oils the masseur strokes again and again gently along the whole body. The massage with four hands is also traditionally offered.

Massage can have a cleansing, pain-relieving and healing effect. It is a part of Ayurvedic medicine, which is very extensive. Ayurveda means „knowledge of life“. Since Ayurveda already existed 3000 years ago in India, the therapists can fall back on a long tradition.

You can find providers on the website of the European Ayurveda Association.

So far less known in Germany, is the Lomi Lomi massage technique. It originates from Hawaii and is described as a mixture of Shiatsu and Ayurveda.

During the long massage sessions the practitioners want to restore the harmony of the body. The goal is not only the release of tension, but physical harmony and a sense of well-being.

All massage techniques have one thing in common, that they give relaxation in a pleasant way. Tension and energy blockages are released. You feel better in your body. The resistance to stress and diseases is strengthened.

Traditional massages are an effective means of preventing too much stress and the threat of burn-out. If one is already burnt out, massages help to perceive one’s own body in a positive way again and support the healing process.