Chinese food – What actually makes it so healthy

Chinese food

One of the biggest differences between China and Europe is probably the food. Hardly any Europeans can imagine having a chopped-off duck’s head in their soup or nibbling on a cold frog’s leg. On the other hand, the Chinese literally flee from European cheese.

„Moldy milk“, which is also still solid and can be cut, acts on them rather deterrent. Fortunately, there are also many European dishes that the Chinese like to eat. And of course, Europeans also like many Chinese delicacies.

Chinese food and the difference to other countries

As in Europe, meals in China are usually eaten in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

However, they eat warm at all times of the day. For breakfast, the Chinese eat, for example, fried dumplings or noodles, stuffed bread dough, as well as rice and noodle soup. For Europeans this would take some getting used to.

Bread is a typical German food, which is rarely found in stores in China. And if, then there are predominantly white bread and pastries to buy. Because the Chinese do not regard bread as a full meal, but as a small snack.

Finally, it is not eaten warm. German „cold“ food is generally little used in China. Only in restaurants do people know potato and pasta salad or green salad with yogurt dressing. However, salads are not among the favorite dishes of the Chinese.

The Chinese like variety. At least two side dishes belong to a main course. To avoid boredom, however, they often serve four or more dishes, even if it is only for two people.

Usually, all the dishes are in the center of the table so that everyone can sample all the delicacies. The end of each meal is rice, a typical southern Chinese food.

But what actually makes Chinese food so healthy?

China is the land of smiles and this is largely due to food. The Chinese eat primarily to stay healthy, fit and therefore happy. They consider food as „light medicine“ which has power over the whole body. And if you eat the wrong food, you disturb its harmony.

Its secret is the freshness of the food. They do not store them for long and prepare them with very little fat. In addition, they consume only half as much fatty meat as Germans, but twice as much fruit and vegetables.

Chinese cuisine is therefore vegetable-emphasized, while German cuisine with sausages, knuckle of pork and chops tends to be fat-emphasized. Germans prefer French fries, croquettes and fried potatoes, Chinese eat rice and soy with all their meals. Both contain hardly any fat but important amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Rice also drains and stimulates digestion.

The Chinese season with healthy herbs, the Germans often with salt, Maggi and ready-made sauces. The food is prepared gently. When steaming, blanching and short frying, the nutrients are preserved longer.

They also do not divide foods according to nutritional values, calories, vitamins or carbohydrates. Rather, traditional cuisine is upheld and emphasis is placed on smell, color, taste and quality.

Order Chinese food

The meal in China is taken together in convivial company. No Chinese would sit down in front of the TV with a hamburger. The eating time itself takes longer due to the use of chopsticks. As a result, enjoyment comes to the fore. The chopstick technique is easy to learn.

Most people go to a restaurant when they want to enjoy Chinese food. But not everyone has the time. That is why it is becoming more and more popular to have Chinese food brought to you by a delivery service. Many restaurants send out their menus in the form of flyers to all households for this purpose.

But there are several ways to enter the world of Chinese cuisine, because Chinese food can be ordered here: on the Internet, on the phone, directly in a Chinese restaurant or at a food truck.