The 5 trendy haircuts for men

The 5 men’s haircuts that are in style

Men’s haircuts evolve and create very different trends and styles. There are currently men’s hairstyles for all tastes that make it easier for men to choose their look. The variety of men’s hairstyles that’there is now has fact that men want to have a hairstyle with the defined pattern and shape.

Today’Today, men are also consumers of new trends and always want to go to the latest. Young people are increasingly inclined to try new haircuts every time’they visit their salon in the’hope to end up with a look that sets them apart. Being fashionable in hairstyles with the latest men’s haircuts is something that’they like to feel today’today.

2018 has started with a bang. It has been a year of’constant experimentation and d’An incredible creativity demonstrated by the best hairdressers, both nationally and internationally’international. The cuts of 2018 follow the trend of 2017, and we will see mostly short hairstyles.

So watch out for Charlie’s latest news on men’s haircuts ! These are the men’s styles that are in fashion.

Men’s hairstyle with natural gradient

It s’acts of’A male haircut in which the main technique is to cut the hair’to get the natural degradation and to create a style respecting the’hair shading in short areas. Each stylist will give a final touch to this cut but we opted for a wave hairstyle with the comb and blow dry technique.

Disconnected men’s haircut

The disconnected men’s cut is a men’s cut that merges several lengths in the shaft or hairpiece with the one that brings the’irregularity to the cut. With this type of men’s haircut, versatility is achieved in hairstyles and the most important thing in this cut is the volume.

Medium men’s hairstyle Pompadour with comb and scissors

The male Pompadour haircut has been renewed over time. Its origin dates back to 1700 and comes from Madame Pompadour, who was the one who popularized this type of high fringe among European aristocrats. In the case of men’s haircut was established as a result of’Elvis Presley as an icon of rockabilly style in the 50s.

Now the trend is to create a natural wave, in the form of toupee and hairpiece’adapt the cut to a perfectly layered medium style.

Haircut of the’male mullet

The male mullet haircut has an original name which is the Skullet. It s’acts of’A male haircut based on a very short effect of the upper area and leaving the rest longer. The mullet was a trend in the seventies and early eighties.

Today’Today, it is back to stay more up to date and renewed until’to our days. C’is a style rooted in the rural south of the United States, whoever has a well-crafted mullet will never go unnoticed !

Geometric men’s haircut

The geometric men’s haircut is an update of the men’s fashion haircut of the 90s: The mushroom/seta haircut. Now it has come to stay in its most updated version and as the’one of the strongest trends in scoring. The changes that have taken place are to leave behind this half mane cut in the round and with the contours and neck shaved, to become shorter with a totally straight bangs and shaved sides. This haircut can be achieved with different techniques of work.

A must is to wear it smooth to notice the shape of the cut.