Building garden furniture yourself with the most popular types of wood

Build your own wooden garden furniture

Spring will soon be upon us and the garden furniture will awaken from its winter sleep. Just like nature, most of us feel the same way. In spring and summer, life is simply more cheerful and happier.

The sunshine has a direct positive effect on the soul and ensures good mood and relaxation.

In the following we want to show you how to fully enjoy the upcoming balmy summer nights with the right garden furniture.

Because not all garden furniture is the same. It is available in metal, plastic and wood. We want to devote ourselves mainly to garden furniture made of wood, because they are particularly beautiful and durable.

Which type of wood is recommended for garden furniture?

The type of wood is especially important for garden furniture. The type of wood is partly a matter of taste, but it is also crucial for the longevity of the furniture.

We have compiled information on the most popular types of wood for garden furniture.

The type of wood is the basis, whether simple garden chair or Hollywood swing wood.


One of the most popular types of wood for garden furniture is acacia. There are over 1400 subspecies of acacia in Africa and North America. Acacia wood is a hardwood and is ideal for garden furniture.

Acacia wood purchased new has a light brown color, this darkens to a beautiful golden brown with age.

Acacia wood is a hardwood, which are very robust and weather-resistant. Garden furniture made of this type of wood is relatively heavy and is extremely durable with proper care.

The rustic classic: Oak

Oak wood is probably the most resistant domestic wood in Germany. Structural elements made of oak are often found in very old buildings such as castles and palaces.

If properly stored, oak wood can last hundreds of years. It is also very durable for garden furniture and requires little maintenance.

When exposed to excessive weathering, tannic acid can seep out of untreated oak wood, discoloring the wood gray.

Therefore, wood preservation is recommended in any case.

  • Oak furniture is naturally yellowish to light brown in color. It has a strong grain. Furniture from the seventies is often made of “rustic oak”. Here, however, the oak wood is dyed.
  • As already mentioned, oak is native to Germany. It is extremely durable and due to short transport routes ecologically absolutely recommendable. However, the price is quite high.

Wood species for garden furniture - oak

Eucalyptus furniture for the garden

Most people immediately associate eucalyptus with the koala bear, because it feeds on the leaves.

But also in German gardens, the eucalyptus tree in the form of furniture is becoming increasingly popular.

Like the koala, the wood comes from Australia. It is not only appreciated because of its longevity.

Eucalyptus grows back relatively quickly, which makes garden furniture made of this type of wood relatively inexpensive.

  • The Australian wood has a naturally warm red to reddish-brown hue. It also does not need to be impregnated or painted.
  • Unfortunately, the German weather, which is sometimes extreme, takes its toll on wooden furniture: The furniture can soften or dry out and subsequently provide a good attack surface for mold spores.

Wood species for garden furniture - eucalyptus wood

Tropical wood teak

Probably the highest quality and most durable garden furniture is made from the tropical wood teak.

It is due to its durability one of the most popular types of wood and absolutely indestructible.